FAQ • Coloring Wax


No worries ! The wax allows an ephemeral coloring washable with water!
Treat yourself to bright colors at will!

1. Shake the pot vigorously!

2. Slightly dampen your hair.

3. Take the desired amount in your palm and apply to the hair.

4. If necessary, use a comb to distribute the wax evenly.

5. Leave to dry or use a hair dryer.

How long can I keep the color?

As many days as you want. The coloring is optimal for 3 days, then it fades.

Does the wax stain?

Once dry, no. However, we advise you to cover your hair to sleep.

Is Colorisha wax compatible with my hair type?

The wax is compatible with all hair types. However, its application is easier and its hold better on type 3A to 4C hair.

Is the wax suitable for children?

Quite. But its use and rinsing must be supervised by an adult.

When will I receive my order ?